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ATM Receipt & ATM Rolls

ATM paper rolls must go through a rigorous process of approval by the Original Equipment Manufacturer and must be of exceptionally high quality and be able to perform under extreme duress.

In addition, ATM rolls are available in several types to work with several ATM machines such as Diebold and Triton. These paper types include, but are not restricted to, heavy-weight thermal paper, thermal paper, heavy weight white bond paper and standard white bond paper.

It is very important due to the nature of banking transactions that ATM receipts be dependable. If the paper is not the high-quality standard necessary to handle the internal printer, receipts and transaction records will not be printed clearly, could be smudged, or in the case of thermal paper, the text may not take to the paper if it is low quality or expired.

For a nice, crisp and legible text or image, thermal paper seems to be the preferred type of ATM paper in the industry. Heavy thermal paper is even more reliable, giving best results because it can handle long-term periods without use within the machine and is extremely durable and creates reliable results on a consistent basis.

The bottom line with ATM receipt paper rolls is that it must be extremely reliable with a very low margin of error.   

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